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3x TmX Factor Plant Protein 1.50kg Tub (save $45)

3x TmX Factor Plant Protein 1.50kg Tub (save $45)

$254.95 AUD

This unique blend contains Plant Protein (Canadian Peacombined with the TurmeriX X-Factor Blend including turmeric, cinnamon, coconut powder, the essential black pepper, green tea, kelp, fennel, vanilla, aniseed, caraway, ginger, clove, cardamon and more….

Benefits of TurmeriX Plant Protein:

  • Helps build muscle
  • Anti-inflammatory food
  • Easily digestible
  • Vegetarian/vegan
  • Pre-workout energy boost
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces appetite
  • Allergen free
  • Post-workout energy muscle recovery
  • Lower in fat and calories than whey protein

* Store in cool dry place
* Use within 2 years of opening