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Frequently asked questions

We’ve developed a unique formula that ensures the potential health benefits of turmeric are maximized when consumed. Black pepper is used in the blend which serves as an activator for Curcumin, the compound in turmeric which holds the anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to this, our formula includes well-known ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, green tea, fennel and coconut powder. A major benefit of our turmeric capsules is that they are 100% vegan friendly, with no GMO ingredients. They are also suitable for gluten-free diets. 

In addition to handy capsules that are ideal for our customers who are constantly on the go, we also offer our unique turmeric blend in powder form. If you enjoy cooking regularly, our turmeric powder can be added to a huge variety of meals — from tahini dip to butter chicken and even raw chocolate balls — and we have a selection of recipes available to provide you with the inspiration you need to get creative in the kitchen. 

At TurmeriX, we aim to be your number one destination for all things turmeric. You can buy our turmeric capsules online and have them delivered to your door within 7 to 10 business days via Australia Post. We also supply a number of distributors across Australia, making it easy to purchase a selection of our turmeric products in person if you prefer, from chocolate bars to hand cream and even soap. Our store locator will help you locate your nearest stockist.

If you don’t already eat a diet rich in turmeric, it can be difficult to incorporate it into your everyday meals and get the full benefits of this incredible plant. When you buy turmeric capsules in Australia from TurmeriX, you can enjoy all the health benefits with one easy to consume capsule designed to be taken daily. 

Like every product in our collection, our turmeric capsules are formulated with natural ingredients to give your body the best chance of absorbing the turmeric. We use ingredients like black pepper to increase the bioavailability of the curcumin present within turmeric. Turmeric has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine to relieve inflammation, relieve symptoms of indigestion, and help to lessen joint stiffness. 

Like any supplement, you should always gauge your body’s reaction to turmeric and stop using it immediately if you have any concerns or side effects. Some people report experiencing nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea or an upset stomach after taking turmeric. There is a lack of research around the effects of medical quantities of turmeric for pregnant and breastfeeding people, so it isn’t advised you take turmeric capsules at those times. 

At TurmeriX, we’re passionate about the power of food to help improve health. If you’re wondering where to buy turmeric capsules in Australia with the highest percentage of curcumin possible, look no further than our online store. At TurmeriX, you can buy turmeric capsules at affordable prices. While curcumin can be isolated and turned into a supplement, we believe in the holistic benefits of natural turmeric as a better everyday capsule.