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Earthy with a striking yellow tone, turmeric powder comes from the rhizome (root stalk) of a flowering plant that belongs to the ginger family. Curcumin is the main active ingredient, and it’s a powerful antioxidant that is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve inflammation.

At TurmeriX, our turmeric soap has proven to be especially popular because of the high quality and potency of its ingredients. Made from turmeric grown in Alleppey, a city in Kerala, India, it has a guaranteed curcumin level of at least 5%. Our sustainable biodynamic turmeric powder is free from pesticides and harsh chemicals, and has been rigorously tested for quality, with no nut or gluten residue.

With regular use, turmeric soap works wonders on dry hands, making them feel soft and smooth. Our natural turmeric soap is gentle on the skin with a delightful scent and soothing sensations. After a long, busy day, taking a relaxing bath or shower with our comforting skincare products is the ultimate way to unwind. Once you’re fresh out of the bath and squeaky-clean, our turmeric soap is perfectly complemented by our silky-soft turmeric hand cream.

Ready to experience these benefits for yourself? You can buy our turmeric soap on its own, or take advantage of the brilliant bundle buys at TurmeriX. We make it easy to buy turmeric soap along with a wide range of turmeric-infused products at competitive prices, with flexible delivery options available. You can trust in the quality of our turmeric powder, which is guaranteed to contain at least 5% curcumin. We know you will love and appreciate our soap as much as we do.

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Gentle yet invigorating, turmeric soap is a great cleanser for skin, especially if you suffer from sensitivities or want a more even skin tone. Our unique TurmeriX formula is designed to give you the maximum benefits from turmeric while still being gentle enough for everyday use. 

Both dry and acne-prone skin can receive benefits from turmeric soap. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric may also fight scars, blemishes and other marks on the skin for an improved overall tone. Its gentle formula and natural ingredients make turmeric soap safe for everyday use.

A quality turmeric soap may assist in lightening dark spots and acne scarring, promoting a more even skin tone in the process. Our gentle formula can be used all over the body, creating more glowing and even skin. You can also combine it with our turmeric beauty range products for an all-body everyday routine you’ll love. 

At TurmeriX, you can buy turmeric soap made with naturally grown turmeric root and no nasty chemical additives. Whether you want to try turmeric soap for the first time or bundle and save on your favourite everyday beauty product, our online shop is the place to do it.