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turmerix Plant Protein Powder

Whether you are following a Plant based diet, trying to build/replenish your muscles, trying to lose weight, or even just wanting more energy throughout your day our TurmeriX Plant Protein Powder will help you meet your health goals. This is due to the ability our Protein Powder has to provide essential and branched-chain amino acids in a highly absorbable form while giving you all the benefits of our TurmeriX at the same time! This unique blend contains f Protein combined with the TurmeriX X-factor blend which includes turmeric, cinnamon, coconut powder, the essential black pepper, Green tea, Kelp, Fennel, Vanilla, Aniseed, Caraway, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom and more…. When looking for a protein powder you will have to tailor it to your bodies specific needs and your personal goals, this protein powder is designed with the added TurmeriX blend to help you with:
  • Inflammation and pain in the body
  • Gut health – bloating, digestion issues
  • Changes your body from Acidic to Alkaline (Immune health)
  • Increases energy production and metabolism
Benefits of thePlant Protein:
  • Maintain/develop muscle mass, this is particularly good for people wanting to prevent muscle breakdown as they age.
  • Having a high protein diet decreases cravings for sugar and simple carbs, adding the Plant Protein to your diet will help with this.
  • Our Plant protein powder is high in fibre, this will help with gut and digestion health, and keep you fuller for longer.
  • Slow release protein gives you energy throughout your day rather than highs and lows from sugar or simple carbs.
TurmeriX Plant Protein is an all-natural, Plant based Protein powder that is beneficial for all ages. This product is not a quick fix, it is something you have to consistently incorporate into your lifestyle for long term health benefits. We all have our own health goals in life, what’s yours? Is it to be pain free? To lose that extra 5kg? To have more energy? or is it simply to become the healthiest version of yourself?