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Turmeric For Dogs: Health Benefits You Should Know

If like most dog owners, your furry friend is part of the family, you will be as concerned for their health as you are for your own. It’s easy to pay attention to their health when their tails are wagging, but don’t wait until a visit to the vet is looming to think about it. In fact, we think you should consider turmeric for dogs.

As humans, we take supplements for their wide range of added health benefits – but what about our dogs? Do they get all their nutrition from their food? Well, yes and no. Dog food is formulated with a dog’s dietary needs in mind, but it doesn’t contain those added extras that can get, and keep, your dog feeling their absolute best. Can you give your dog turmeric, for example? Are there benefits to swapping steroids in favour of turmeric for dogs?

If you eat curry, you eat turmeric. Like powdered gold, turmeric is full of health benefits. Not only is it great for humans it can also keep your dog active and pain-free for longer, thanks to its incredible properties. With too many to mention, here are just a few of the reasons why you should be feeding your pet this sunshine spice.

So, what does turmeric do for dogs anyway? Let’s take a closer look!

Turmeric For Dogs Can Aid Inflammation

Inflammation is behind almost every disease known to man, or beast. Not content with causing arthritis and the subsequent joint pain that goes hand in hand with it, inflammation is also responsible for allergies, cancer, and many other diseases which can range from annoying to fatal.

While some inflammation can be a good thing – for instance in healing an acute condition – long term inflammation can cause a whole host of degenerative and inflammatory diseases in your dog.

Turmeric has been traditionally used in both western and Ayurvedic medicine to relieve inflammation. But is turmeric safe to give your dog? Yes! Since it’s a natural remedy, turmeric is indeed perfectly safe to give to your dog.

Swap The Steroids For Turmeric

A go-to medication for most inflammatory conditions in dogs, steroids are effective but come with side effects such as increased thirst, lowered immune system, gastrointestinal ulcers, muscle weakness, and even an increased chance of Cushing’s disease (or hyperadrenocorticism).

Curcumin, one of turmeric’s key active ingredients, has been shown in studies to be just as effective as steroids. If your dog does require steroids, taking turmeric at the same time can reduce the side effects significantly.

No Pain, Lots of Gain!

It’s hard to know when our previous pups are in pain. Far more stoic than us humans, dogs hide their pain well. It makes sense to give them something natural which acts as a natural pain reliever. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a wonderful way to soothe your dog’s discomfort without relying on drugs. Turmeric capsules for dogs can help relieve pain from joint problems or even gum disease.

Holding Back the Years

Free radicals are nothing to do with the hippie era, and everything to do with aging and degeneration. Turmeric, a little miracle herb, is a fabulous antioxidant. That means it fights free radicals which in turn can slow down the aging process and even prolong life. We don’t get enough time with our dogs as it is, so why wouldn’t you stretch it out with some powdered gold?

The Way to a Dog’s Heart…

…is through its stomach, and we all know that our four-legged friends love their food. But when their digestive system goes haywire, it can take away their greatest pleasure (apart from you, of course).

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a chronic relapsing-remitting condition that can really make a dog’s life miserable. Turmeric for dogs can soothe the pain and help treat the inflammation that are hallmarks of this debilitating illness.

There are many more benefits to using turmeric for your dog. It’s anti-parasitic as well as a binding agent for diarrhoea, for example. With TurmeriX, you have all of the additional ingredients and powerful activators included, which makes it a huge force to be reckoned with when it comes to your dog’s health.

How much turmeric can you give a dog? Be sure to review our dosage guidance for your dog’s breed and size, which also gives you a few hints and tips on introducing this powerful spice into your dog’s routine.