7 tips to achieving your health goals

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We all have different desires when it comes to our health aspirations and goals but for the
majority of us they are just pictures in our head, let’s change the game and make your
aspirations a reality! How? Well here are my 7 tips to achieving your health goals!

1. Write it down!

Writing down what you want to achieve is the first step in this process. Actually physically writing it down on paper gets it out of your mind and puts it in front of you. It doesn’t matter how crazy or how many goals you have just write them down, nothing is impossible!

2. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day!

Placing your goals somewhere where you will see them like your bedroom or on the fridge, as often as possible can help a lot with achieving them as it is a constant reminder to you and will help motivate you.

3. Tell people!

Tell as many people as possible about what your health goals are, this will help you hold yourself accountable for these goals, this also acts as external motivation and will push you to desire them even more.

4. Take it one step at a time

Don’t go crazy, trying to achieve 10 health goals at once is not realistic and most of the time changing something in your lifestyle is best gradually achieved, often trying to do too many things at once ends up in a quick rebound back to where you started.

5. Patience is Key

Be patient with yourself, nothing happens overnight! If your goal is to lose 10kg then don’t get upset in 2 weeks if you haven’t lost those 10kg; it’s not possible, even if it was it would be detrimental to your health. So, whatever your goal is whether it’s being able to do a 20km bike ride, to hike up a mountain, to lose 40kgs, or to eat healthier, you need to be patient with yourself and accept and appreciate the progress you’ve made but keep sight of your goals.

6. Watch motivational videos

There are hundreds of motivational videos online and sometimes these are the best kind of remedy when we feel like giving up! It’s one thing to start, it’s another to keep going even when you feel like you can’t!

7. Plan ahead

This is something that lets most people down when it comes to achieving health goals. If you know you are going on holidays and won’t be able to go to the gym very often then use a substitute method of exercise, there’s always something you can do. On the other hand, if your focus is on improving your diet and you work 9-5 every day, then putting time aside on to prepare your meals for the week would help with that goal. Dedicate a day where you will

spend 3-4 hours cooking and prepping meals! This will help prevent you from just going to the fridge and eating that block of chocolate since there will be a delicious healthy meal there waiting for you to heat it up!

Achieving health goals are easier said than done but these tips definitely help me to stay on track and keep motivated. Make sure you always do what feels right for you! If you listen to your body it will always tell you what you need! And remember you are amazing!